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We need rain

Posted 7/26/2009 4:06pm by Rita Anders.

Today we prayed for rain in church. The fields are very dry and there are huge cracks in the ground. The last major rain we had was back in April. There is a saying here in the Weimar area, We have continous drought and occasional floods. What happened when we never worried about getting rain. As I was growing up, I never remember my parents discussing how bad it was because of drought conditions.

Eventhough we have had such an extended drought, our crops seem to be doing okay because we use drip irrigation and water only at the base of the plants and don't waste any of the well water. Can't wait to see my water bill this month.

Saturday was a good day at the market. We harvested alot of cucumbers and basil this week along with all the flowers that are blooming away. Celosia just loves our hot summer are blooming away. We should have plenty of cucumber, basil and celosia next week at the market again. The heat has kept some away from the market but I am very thankful to the customers that come out and brave the heat.  The weatherman is forecasting rain for next week and hopefully it will come.

We have started our seeds for our fall tomato crop and germination was good and hope the grasshoppers and worms don't get to them before they grow a little. We just planted another planting of cucumbers and will be replacing our tired plants with new ones. The summer heat of 100 degree temps everyday is really taking a toll on the greens crop and before we know it will be fall and they will kick in and grow like they are suppose too.

The deer in our area are also very hungry and we have had to put up fences to keep them from eating our sunflowers.

Farming isa challenge and we just have to rise to the challenges to be sucessfull or learn more of life's little lessons.

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