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Winter is here

Posted 12/12/2009 10:49am by Rita Anders.

Our farm liife has been a blur since August. My dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodkins, Lymphoma and has been receiving very good medical care at Methodist Hospital in Houston. The entire family has pitched in to ensure his care and he is on the road to recovery.  We were blessed with the birth of our new grandson, Aiden Jeffey Glueck on November 2nd. My husband had a cancer spot removed from his eye and when healed from that, he had a hernia surgery that he put off.   Back in November, I went and had my knee looked at that had been bothering me a whole lot and just seemed to be getting worse. The outcome was that I needed a total knee replacement.  Being that we are in to our slow time of the year, I decided to go ahead and have it fixed. My surgery was on Dec 2nd and now 10 days later, I am recovering but have to say that it is a very painful surgery.

I am using my couch time to reserch, order seeds and do a whole lot of planning for next year.  On the night of Dec. 4th, we had a hard freeze of 19 degrees, the first of the season and it was a surprise . All of our annual flowers  including the house of zinnias that were suppose to take us to Christmas with flowers, froze and left me with no flowers till the early spring flowers like ranunculus and anemones start blooming.

We were very busy the month of November planting all of our greens and lettuces. Amazingly the tomatoes did not freeze. The days have consisted of clouds, rain and cool temps as of late and the tomatoes are not growing .  We have decuded this year not to purchase propane and heat the greenhouse and if they freeze, we will just replant in the early spring.

In preparation for spring, we have all of our ranunculus, anemones, delphiniums, dianthus, bells of ireland, campanula, snap dragons, freesia up and growing. Normally we are able to start picking some of the flowers before Valentine's days,

I can't wait to be able to go out in the garden and get my hands dirty and back to work.  I'm excited about 2010 and have alot of ideas to implement to bring new and exciting products to my customers.

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